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Crooked Roads Can Lead to Success

August 28, 2009

Now I’m not talking about the ditch-your-ethics-and-throw-your-moral-compass-out-the-window-so-you-can-get-ahead kind of crooked. I’m talking about the crooked roads of the real world, the kind that make us take the path of “most” resistance and not the “least” sometimes. The kind that challenge you to be patient, more thoughtful and strategic, more creative and more resourceful. The kind of crooked road that makes you see things in a whole new way. Watch the following story for example.

 This AP story is an absolute success on many levels. Taking the world’s most crooked street and turning it into the world’s largest board game is simple and brilliant, a real home run for the brand as well as the PR team who probably helped make it happen!

And I’ll bet those kids and families who experienced this event will never look at Candy Land the same way again. For me, this story sparked a mini ah-ha moment. Traveling a crooked road really is a metaphor for how to approach that next big challenge.

Yes, yes, I know that for many of us, the crooked road doesn’t always take us to stops like Lollipop Woods or the Chocolate Swamp, but if you look at your journey with a positive perspective, you may just uncover some pleasant surprises along the way, such as:

  • You may learn that you had more confidence under pressure than you once thought.
  • The big audience who appeared in your nightmares the day before your big speech may actually teach you that you’re not so bad at public speaking after all.
  • That tight deadline under which you’re supposed to create the most genius story or marketing plan may push you to a place in your mind that you didn’t even know existed.
  • And, that BIG change that you feel convicted and compelled to lead in your business or your life, knowing that you’ll be up against some of the toughest issues and contenders, may just prove that it’s time to start listening to your gut instead of worrying if the sky is going to fall.

Whatever it is, and whatever stops you have along your crooked path, just remember, the challenges can open up your mind and yield some of the best and brilliant achievements.

Are you ready to travel your crooked path? Inspire us with your thoughts.

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