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Giving Thanks

November 24, 2009

As Thanksgiving makes its way around the calendar, we’re reminded in subtle ways that it’s time to give extra thanks. We all know we have so much to be thankful for – from our families and our health to the food we eat and the roofs over our heads.

As I mark my one-and-a-half year anniversary at MarketWave, I realize that I’m thankful not only that I have a good job, but because I work at a company that could easily make any magazine’s “Best Company to Work For” list (if only the criteria included smaller companies!).

I work with a team of 11 smart, professional and talented women. We all share MarketWave’s core values:

People First
Clients are Priority
Execute with Daily Intensity
Recognition Culture
Passionate Pursuit of Results

We also work in a truly supportive, team-oriented environment. And on top of all of this – we like and respect each other and we have fun.

Consider this example. A few weeks ago we had a team off-site meeting. The first half of the day was devoted to business: revisiting our mission, core values, short- and long-term goals. The second half of the day was a mystery. Our team had tried for several weeks to figure it out, but Tina – owner and president of MarketWave – maintained that it would be a surprise. Our only clue: wear comfortable shoes.

After we’d finished lunch at the Grand Lux Cafe, Tina led us out to the Galleria – a well-known Dallas shopping mall. Then, she revealed our surprise – a shopping spree! And, not just any old shopping spree. It came with a few rules: we had ninety minutes to shop; we were not to come back with more than $20; and we had to spend the money on ourselves. Uh – no problem!

Some of us stuck together to help guide each other’s selections. Others headed off in opposite directions to complete the mission on their own. But, of course we had a blast.

This is just one example of many that illustrates why MarketWave is a great place to work. I feel blessed that I’m actually happy to go to work everyday. Landing this job felt like finding Mr. Right for me. It was like I’d been in a bad relationship before.

I hope others can say they’re thankful not only for their jobs and paychecks this season, but also for the teams and extended families they work with everyday. I certainly am.

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