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Super Bowl Ads Strike Emotional Chords

February 7, 2011

An estimated 105 million people tuned in last night to watch the Super Bowl and the slew of ads sprinkled in between. It’s said the average 30-second Super Bowl commercial costs $3 million – that’s $100,000 per second! With an investment like that, you have to make sure your ad touches your audience quickly and effectively. But besides just getting your message across, it’s also important to create an emotional connection with viewers so they’ll remember the ad long after the trophy is handed out and the buzz from the big game dies down.

Below are some of my favorite ads from the evening and the ones I believe struck the right emotional chord with audiences.

Doritos – Emotional reaction: Good laugh

My friend immediately agreed that the cheesy residue left on your fingers is really the best part about Doritos. I thought seeing the guy’s grandpa at the end of the second commercial was a hilarious and unexpected ending!

Chevy – Emotional reaction: Awww!

The first one made all the girls at our Super Bowl party let out a dreamy sigh. The second Chevy commercial had some nostalgia as people made a connection to Lassie letting the family know Timmy fell down a well.

CarMax – Emotional reaction: I want to see it again!

The CarMax commercials are my second favorites of the evening. I could not stop laughing at the “I Feel Like…” ad and the commercial about customer service speaks to millions of people who long for the days of dedicated service.

NFL – Emotional reaction: Nostalgia

This commercial hit all the right chords. People loved seeing the shows they grew up watching (mine were Alf, Family Matters and Full House) and seeing the characters hanging out with friends and getting excited about football – just like the viewers were doing at that very moment. The “Dallas” theme song was a great touch. Best. Fans. Ever. Thank you, NFL!

Bridgestone – Emotional reaction: That was so awesome!

Bridgestone is in a tie for the best commercials of the evening. I’m sure the first commercial probably connected with everyone that uses a computer daily in their line of work. There have been so many times I’ve panicked after sending an e-mail thinking I may have hit “Reply All” when it was meant to be a direct e-mail to one person. The second commercial touched my heart as a huge animal-lover. Seeing the beaver look out for the guy who carefully avoided hitting him while driving was too sweet. The exchanged chest pound and point at the end just makes your smile bigger.

VW – Emotional reaction: All of the above!

This is one of the commercials people are still talking about and tied for my #1 spot with Bridgestone. The “Today Show” even had the child from the commercial on their program this morning just because the viewers’ reaction is still so high. Even though not a single word is spoken in the commercial until the voiceover at the end, you understand exactly what is happening because of the music and little boy’s costume (nostalgia). The fun surprise at the end gives you the “awww” and the good laugh making you want to watch it again. Well done, Volkswagen!

Those are my top picks for the Super Bowl ads. Which ones were your favorites?

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  1. February 7, 2011 5:33 pm

    Love these commercials! I also love that the “Best.[insert item here].Ever” phrase is catching like wildfire in the ad world. I relate to that tagline!

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