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Will it be Delicious or a Dud?

September 21, 2011

Recently, YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, scooped up Delicious from Yahoo! when they heard the company was planning to scrap it. They declined to disclose financial terms of the deal.

I didn’t realize Delicious had been around for eight years, but the site, which lets users save and share bookmarks across many areas of interest and see what others are bookmarking, hasn’t really found a mainstream following.

Think of all of the irrelevant links you’ve clicked on from a Google search, the millions of tweets a day you’ll never scan and the hundreds of new websites you’ll simply never know about. The thought of accessing a site that filters a massive amount of information and links down to the most relevant ones is appealing.

The new Delicious site will:

  • Showcase the most recent links around topical events (thanks to an overhaul of the software and systems used to tag and organize links), and feature “collections” of images, videos and links that users can browse through
  • Make personalized recommendations for users based on their sharing habits
  • And, compete with other social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Slashdot

As companies and our clients continue to build and maintain their brands online, I couldn’t help but wonder how the new and improved version of the site – which is set to re-launch at the end of the year – could impact their efforts. The more popular and relevant their content, the more likely it will appear on Delicious’ hottest bookmarks list.

So, it’s even more important to optimize content, remain fresh and relevant, and ultimately offer content good enough to be bookmarked. Oh, and adding a Delicious button to your blog or relevant website pages probably couldn’t hurt. Word is the site has a strong chance of becoming the destination its new founders intend it to be (considering their history with YouTube).

What do you think about a revamped version of Delicious considering the already saturated market (check out the top 10)? What are your favorite social bookmarking sites and why?

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