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It’s a Whole New News World

February 14, 2012



Print News Media Morphing with Advent of Live Video Programming


Gone are the days when print media simply stuck to print. And you’ve probably noticed this lately.

While video departments and news segments at print publications are not new, the advent of live programming is making its way across several newspapers and organizations.

A recent article highlighted Politico’s fancy new stage set and spotlighted several other newspapers. The Wall Street Journal produces about four hours of programming each weekday on WSJ Live. The New York Times now runs a morning business newscast. And soon others, like The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and The Huffington Post, will do the same.

It seems that video is integral to most platforms these days whether it’s a company’s website, a Google Hangout or Facebook Live. But, what does this new world of live online news programming mean for PR professionals? I think three things stand out:

  1. More opportunities to raise awareness. Though they don’t have millions of viewers yet, these print newsroom videos reach additional audiences in new ways.
  2. More targeted pitching. While CNN and CNBC still hold their prestige, clients now have opportunities to tell their stories to other audiences through niche platforms. And, we can pitch editors and reporters as well as producers and news directors at one outlet (granted we’re transparent with them about it).
  3. More trackable. As these live segments make their way to the on-demand section, we have a more accurate way to track results since we can see in real-time the number of views a video receives and its level of popularity.

Consumers have new options for gathering their news with more channels cropping up every day, and their habits are also changing as news media evolve. While some are streaming their content from Internet-connected TVs, others are opting to stream video on their computers and mobile devices instead. It’s a whole new news world and a whole new way to view it.

How do you think live programming at news organizations will fare? How will it impact you?


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