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Mid-Year Marketing Check Up: New goals get us going

July 9, 2012

Each year, refreshed from holiday vacation and motivated by a new calendar year, our team returns focused not only on our individual jobs but also on new quarterly sales and professional development goals we’ve set for the first half of the year. We typically end up with four to five goals each quarter that help us stretch and push ourselves using some or all of the following criteria:

  1. Professional development and success
  2. Company growth goals
  3. Passion and talents/key strengths

Last week, during our staff meeting, we discussed and assessed our Q2 goals. Since we know this is coming well in advance of the meeting, and we bristle at the thought of failure, we feel even more accountable. Hence, my disappointment in myself when I read through my goals and could only report that I’d achieved two of the five.

With this failure still fresh in my mind, I took my manager’s advice and set off in a new direction as I developed my goals for the rest of the year. I realized I needed to play more to my strengths, incorporate more of my passions and better balance our above criteria.

So, although it’s the middle of the year and we may all be feeling a bit of a summer slump (I have not yet taken summer vacation), I’m feeling pretty good and the likelihood that I’ll actually achieve my goals this go around.

How does your team remotivate and reinspire themselves mid-year? How do you stay on track or get back on your professional development path as the year moves on?

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