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Digital Marketing Q&A with Tina Young

September 19, 2012


MarketWave loves all things digital! And as the current digital marketing manager, I’m thrilled that I get to do what I love at work. However, it’s important to ensure your entire team is aware of the latest digital trends and tactics emerging in our marketplace. Here, I ask Tina Young for her thoughts on all things digital.

Q.  How do you tend to describe digital marketing to our clients and your network?

A. I first tell people to think about what their brand looks like online. What is the story you’re trying to tell to your online audience? Digital marketing can be effective if clients look at their website as the core of all their digital efforts. So many companies created websites, but didn’t spend the time to make sure it was optimized – both on the technical side (e.g. SEO) and for the user experience. Digital marketing helps you tell your story through different digital media while keeping in mind that “all roads lead to your website.”

Q. What is a digital marketing trend you’d like to see being utilized more?

A. I really enjoy any time video is utilized as part of a digital marketing push. It’s relatable and gives the viewer a sensory experience – making it more memorable. Companies need to use videos to be more pervasive. Customer testimonials evoke more emotion and response when compiled into a video.

Q. What are your tips for optimizing a website?

A. First and foremost, you need to have dynamic content that you can keep fresh. Think of your website as a living item that needs constant care and attention. You can’t set it and forget it when it comes to digital marketing. In 2011, Google changed its search algorithm more than 500 times. It’s important for everyone on your team to be aware of these types of changes and optimize your site accordingly.

Q. What are your thoughts on content marketing?

A. The key is to have quality content over quantity. Brands should be embracing the idea of “newsjacking” and become their own publishers and create interesting content that intersects with the news cycle and trends that their readers care about. Your social channels should also be optimized and provide relevant information your followers want and need. And, as I mentioned earlier, video is a great way to share engaging content with your customers!

Q. Where do you see digital marketing going in the next five years?

A. Again, there will be a significant sift toward more video and visual content. As the saying goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words. And with today’s consumers having an online attention span of 2.6 seconds, you better make sure your have content or visuals that will keep visitors on your page. I also see text campaigns being more widely used over the next few years. A year ago, if you would have asked me if I’d let companies send me texts – I would have laughed. But today, I have given a few brands I’m loyal to permission to text me with news updates or sales that are relevant to me and my family. Consumers are already starting to interact with and trust brands more on digital channels, and soon more people will let companies they trust onto their phones.

What digital marketing questions do you have for Tina? Feel free to keep the conversation going in the comments section!

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